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Last updated on April 11, 2022

The decision to end a marriage never comes easily. You probably feel immense uncertainty about your future, including what will happen to your children and your personal finances.

I am James T. Williamson, the founding attorney of Williamson Family Law, PLLC. Since 2004, I have devoted my practice entirely to family law. Having represented numerous Minnesotans in their divorces, I have the experience to help you make decisions that leave you feeling confident about your future.

As an attorney, I have three main values:

  • Preserving the best interests of your children
  • Providing outstanding legal representation
  • Keeping control of costs

I strongly believe in prioritizing these values at every step of your case. Contact my office in Chaska to discuss your particular needs in-depth.

What Is A Smart Divorce? Is It Right For Me?

A smart divorce is when spouses have reached a mutually satisfactory agreement on asset division, alimony, child support and parenting schedules. Cases like these do not require extensive involvement from multiple attorneys. Instead, I can oversee the process to ensure that you complete the paperwork correctly, file everything with the right party and follow the necessary steps. This saves you valuable time, money and stress.

Custom Strategies For Your Divorce

At Williamson Family Law, PLLC, I do not use a one-size-fits-all approach for your family-related legal needs. Instead, I sit down with you one-on-one to discuss your goals and come up with practical solutions to attain them. Most of my cases resolve through negotiations or mediation, but I am also an experienced litigator who can represent you at trial.

Learn More About How I Can Help You

When you are ready to end your marriage, I will be ready with tailored representation at every step. Reach out to me at Williamson Family Law, PLLC, and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation. To schedule your consultation, call 952-206-5036 or send me an email.